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Alcohol and research: from the laboratory to the patient

10 Dec 2012 - 16h20 | By INSERM PRESS OFFICE | Event

For the third year in succession, a meeting and debate were organised by the Mission Inserm Associations with the help of Bertrand Nalpas, an Inserm researcher investigating alcoholism. This regular event, that brings together researchers and persons who have alcohol problems, is the result of the sustained involvement of six mutual support associations that have been working together since2006 inan Inserm working group.

Among the themes covered on Thursday 13 December, Hélène Beaunieux, professor at the University of Caen and researcher at the research unit Inserm-EPHE University of Caen U1077 “Neuropsychology and functional neuroanatomy of the human memory”, will speak about her research work aimed at obtaining a better understanding of the impacts of chronic alcohol consumption on the brain and on the cognitive process in alcohol-dependent persons, using neuropsychological assessment and brain imaging.

Below is a glimpse of some of the latest publications by her team:

Macrostructural abnormalities in Korsakoff’s syndrome compared to uncomplicated alcoholism. (published in the review Neurology)

Cognitive barriers to readiness to change in alcohol-dependent patients. Published in the work Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research

How neuropsychology contributes to the treatment of alcohol dependency: Understanding the phenomena of resistance in motivational or cognitive behavioural therapies. Alcohology and addictology

Inserm press room Alcohol and research: from the laboratory to the patient Link : https://presse.inserm.fr/en/alcohol-and-research-from-the-laboratory-to-the-patient/5782/

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