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La première classification moléculaire des tumeurs hypophysaires ouvre de multiples champs de recherche

Les tumeurs hypophysaires disposent désormais d’une classification moléculaire précise, complète et objective, avec la perspective de mieux prédire et comprendre le comportement de certains sous-types de tumeurs et d’ajuster les traitements.

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Wednesday, December 18th

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Wednesday, December 18th

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Collective Memory Shapes the Construction of Personal Memories

For sociologists, our individual memories are shaped by the collective memory of our community. Until this new study, this phenomenon had never been studied at the neurobiological level.

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A Vaccine Against Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

In animals, a vaccine modifying the composition and function of the gut microbiota provides protection against the onset of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and certain metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and obesity.

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Rapid Genome Analysis Aids Diagnosis of Neonatal ICU Patients

Teams from Dijon-Bourgogne University Hospital, Inserm and CEA have recently established the results of the whole-genome analysis of severely ill neonates, hospitalized in neonatal ICUs – the time of which was slashed from the current 18-month average to just 38 days.

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Wednesday, December the 4th

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Restoring Sight: the Artificial Retina Shows Growing Promise

Restoring sight to patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or retinitis pigmentosa has become an increasingly likely prospect over recent years, with many researchers working to develop an artificial retina.

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Influenza : the Reasons for Low Vaccine Coverage Among Pregnant Women

A study reveals that seasonal influenza vaccine coverage remains particularly low among pregnant women in France. Despite risks of severe complications, expectant mothers are often not offered the vaccine during their prenatal monitoring or, if they are, a large majority declines it.

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Épidémie de cryptosporidiose : l’Inserm étudie des pistes thérapeutiques

L’ARS PACA recommande aux populations de la région de Grasse d’éviter la consommation d’eau du robinet. Plusieurs cas de cryptosporidiose ont été confirmés depuis octobre. Cette maladie parasitaire est l’objet de travaux menés par des chercheurs de l’Inserm, qui souhaitent développer des traitements.

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