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Rare genetic obesity: promising results from a clinical trial

POMC (proopiomelanocortin) deficiency obesity is an orphan disease which has been described in 50 patients to date, although it is estimated to affect 100–500 people worldwide. Although there is currently no specific treatment, a publication in NEJM reports promising results from a phase 2 clinical trial that led to considerable weight loss in female patients.

Schizophrenics: type of birth and particularities of the disease

Selon plusieurs études, les bébés nés par césariennes seraient plus susceptibles de développer certains troubles mentaux dont la schizophrénie, lorsque leur cerveau a souffert d’un manque d’oxygène. Les chercheurs de l’Inserm ont comparé deux populations de patients schizophrènes : nés par voie basse ou par césarienne, afin de déterminer les caractéristiques particulières liées au type d’accouchement.

Centenarian athletes: flawless performances?

When the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics are held, some centenarian athletes will be able to witness this competition, 80 years after their own participation for some of them. An Inserm study conducted by researchers from Unit 1093, “Cognition, Motor Activity and Sensorimotor Plasticity,” at the University of Burgundy, analysed the records of centenarian athletes in various disciplines compared with world records, for all age categories combined. The record of centenarian cyclist Robert Marchand, who cycled nearly 27 kilometres in an hour, appears to be the most impressive, since the reduction in his performance is quite limited given his age.

(Im)migration and Health

Many people are now arriving in France, after leaving their country of origin, fleeing war or extreme poverty. Whether they are migrants or immigrants, these populations are exposed to precarious circumstances and difficult living conditions. What does this mean for their health?

Academic Doping: Psychostimulant Use Among Medical Students

Under severe pressure owing to an intense workload, medical students are attempting to boost their performance by any means. An Inserm study has revealed possible psychostimulant use among a third of these students.

Endometriosis and the Risk of Miscarriage

Inserm reports a French study conducted on 750 women which shows that this neglected gynecological disorder significantly increases the risk of miscarriage.

Discover the new Inserm newsroom

The Inserm press room is updating its design, and continues to adapt to your needs and evolving practices. Now more ergonomic, its navigation has been reworked to make reading easier on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Presentation of content has been revised to make it easier to read, and to quickly find the contact and sources of information to save you time. The search engine on the homepage has also been optimised to find information quickly by offering you suggestions.

Final results of JIKI trial

The final conclusions of the JIKI clinical trial, testing the efficacy of favipiravir in reducing mortality in individuals infected by Ebola virus in Guinea, are published in PLoS Medicine this week. This work was carried out under the leadership of Prof. Denis Malvy, Inserm, with the help of a large team of international researchers. Although the conclusions are qualified, they have nonetheless made it possible to collect data and benchmarks that will enable researchers to base their future trials on robust hypotheses and criteria.

Treating depressive symptoms from their roots

A wide range of compounds is on the market to ameliorate depressive symptoms, however their efficiency is achieved only after long periods of treatment and not in 100% of patients.

Looking at the brain to prevent depression in adolescents

Depression is a real public health issue with 8% of adolescents affected by it, according to the French National Authority for Health (HAS). Adolescence is a time of transition during which young people are prone to episodes of depression. This often complicates the diagnosis of this disease.

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