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Semaine du cerveau (Brain awareness week) 10-16 march 2014

The 15th edition of Brain Awareness Week will take place in France and in 62 countries around the world from 10 to 16 March 2014.

Best wishes 2014

Throughout the year, the press office filmed Inserm researchers talking about their discoveries in the simplest possible terms. The short “making of” below shows that this was not always easy. Enjoy the bloopers of 2013!

Alcohol and research meeting : what is addiction?

4th Meeting-Debate with support groups for people in difficulty with alcohol
Are people “addicts” when they are dependent, or is the opposite true? Or are both words totally interchangeable? What is there in common between addiction-dependency on alcohol and dependency-addiction to gambling?

Telethon 2013 : Cure through innovation

For a very long time, these disorders, which are mainly genetic and invalidating, were poorly understood.
“Cure through innovation” is the slogan of the Telethon 2013 fundraising campaign which will begin on 6 and 7 December.
Between 5,000 and 7,000 rare diseases have been listed affecting 3 million people in France. The Telethon, a major fundraising movement organised by and for the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM), broadcast live on France Télévisions, puts genetic disorders in the limelight. The aim of these two days is to raise maximum funding to improve patient care, provide suitable help for patients and actively support research.

21 September 2013: World Alzheimer Day

The 20th World Alzheimer’s Day is to be held on 21 September 2013. The main aim of this international day is to reflect on ways to improve the quality of life of patients and carers.

Man & robot : The Interspeech 2013 – August,28th – Lyon

M. Dominey et ses collaborateurs interviendront au sujet de l’interaction homme-robot lors d’une présentation dans le cadre de l’Interspeech conference à Lyon, le mercredi 28 août prochain (special session « Show and Tell », Wednesday 28 August, 14-16 h).

Sport and disability: a training plan for paraplegics

One year after the success of the Paralympic Games in London, France will be hosting the World Handisport Athletics Championships this Friday 19 July in Lyon (lasting until 28 July, the World Handisport Athletics Championships.

A “Salamander” robot presented in Lyon from 19 to 21 March

Robot Salamandre ( copyright EPFL)

Salamandra robotica II, an amphibian robot created by the Bio-robotics Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) will be presented at the Innorobot Show held in Lyon from 19 to 21 March

March 14th, 2013 : National hearing date

Doctor talking to patient

The natural loss of hearing with age is no longer a secret today. The sixteenth “National Hearing Day” is aimed especially at the elderly. Retaining one’s hearing ability, by any means whatsoever, appears to be a new way of Aging Well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

2012 was rich in scientific discoveries and progress. You are helping to make them accessible to your readers, listeners and audiences.

On our part, we continued to send video news clips in which our researchers do their bit in making their discoveries known to all…. And now a glimpse behind the scenes to wish you a Happy New Year.

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