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Child abuse and denial

The verdict in the trial of the couple who killed their daughter Marina is due to be delivered on 27 June 2012. The trial has highlighted the blindness of many professionals, an issue raised by A. Tursz and C. Gréco in an editorial: “Child abuse: how do we overcome denial?” in the journal Archives de […]

Objective baccalaureate!

During the baccalaureate examination period, the Inserm press service is making resources available on the latest research into memory, a valuable asset that sometimes lets us down at exam time. Read the information pack on memory on the website Photo:

Life expectancy of sewer workers

A thesis published in 2010 shows that sewer workers are exposed to genotoxins. Another study, published by INRS in 2006, showed that sewer workers die on average 7 years earlier than other workers. Thesis by Hamzeh ALZABADI Study published by INRS Photo:

Vitamin D deficiency

According to a study published in the Bulletin Épidémiologique Hebdomadaire (BEH), eight out of ten people in France do not get enough sunlight. Read the BEH study of 24 April 2012 Photo:

National allergy day

Respiratory allergies, skin allergies, allergy to medicines, food allergies… For the sixth National Allergy Day in France on 20 March 2012, Inserm’s press service is making numerous resources available (contacts, news, information pack) on the subject. The press kit is downloadable at the right of the page. Photo:

16th national suicide prevention days

For the 16th National Suicide Prevention Days, if you want to find out more about suicide-related mortality in France, Inserm’s researchers can answer your questions. [break]Photo:

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