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21 September: World Alzheimer’s Day

Spearheaded by the France Alzheimer’s association, the 22nd edition of the World Day to combat Alzheimer’s Disease will take place on Monday 21 September. The focus this year will be on Alzheimer’s sufferers’ speech.

15 september 2015 : world Lymphoma Awareness Day

A l’occasion de la 9ème Journée mondiale du lymphome en France, l’association France Lymphome Espoir organise des cafés éphémères dans 15 grandes villes françaises en présence de professionnels et bénévoles.

World Championships in Athletics: D-7!

On Saturday 22 August 2015, the 15th World Championships in Athletics will be launched in Beijing.

Heatwave 2015: Be careful of the abnormally high death rate

These remarkably high temperatures (around 40 °C) can have particularly harmful consequences on the health.

Cases of tuberculosis in Limoges, what does this mean for vaccination?

Against this background, Inserm researchers Annick Guimezanes and Marion Mathieu have replied as objectively as possible to the questions everyone wonders about in the 3rd popular science book in the Choc Santé collection: “Vaccination: Agression or Protection?”


Starting on Wednesday 17 June, nearly 700,000 candidates, from 13 to 93 years of age[1], will be taking the baccalauréat state examination.

Friday 5 June: World Environment Day

On 15 June 1972, the United Nations celebrated World Environment Day for the first time. Since that day, every year on the same date, the major issues in environmental conservation are given prominence in over 100 countries, a day devoted to the protection of the planet and the future of mankind, which is inseparable from the fate of the ecosystem.

Excess caffeine harmful to the body

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has just announced that consumption of more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day (i.e. 4 espressos) may be harmful for health.

Saturday 23 May: European Obesity Day

European Obesity Day, which will be held on Saturday 23 May, recalls the seriousness of this disease, which is affecting more and more people in France and in the world.

Monday 5 May 2015: World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day will take place next Tuesday, 5 May. This day is therefore an opportunity to highlight research achievements in the area.

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