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September 29th: World Heart day

Find a selection of researchers available to coment

September 21: Alzheimer Disease World day

Find a selection of researchers available to coment

National allergy day

Respiratory allergies, skin allergies, allergy to medicines, food allergies… For the sixth National Allergy Day in France on 20 March 2012, Inserm’s press service is making numerous resources available (contacts, news, information pack) on the subject. The press kit is downloadable at the right of the page. Photo:

Brain week, 12 to 18 march 2012

“Brain Week” will take place from 12 to 18 March in France and simultaneously in 62 countries throughout the world. Inserm has made a press kit downloadable with a selection of contacts for interviews and reports, as well as the latest discoveries by Inserm researchers on the subject. Photo:  via Sérimedis 

16th national suicide prevention days

For the 16th National Suicide Prevention Days, if you want to find out more about suicide-related mortality in France, Inserm’s researchers can answer your questions. [break]Photo:

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