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Progression du moustique-tigre en France

Les moustiques-tigres représenteront un « risque sanitaire majeur » au cours des prochaines décennies sur le territoire français, selon le rapport de la commission d’enquête présenté début août à l’Assemblée Nationale.

Webinaire, destiné aux journalistes, sur la résistance aux antibiotiques

L’European Joint Action on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare-Associated Infections (EU-JAMRAI), un des partenaires européen , que coordonne l’Inserm, organise un Webinaire destiné aux journalistes le 26 mars prochain et c’est Marie Cécile Ploy, directrice d’unité Inserm qui coordonne pour cette Joint Action.

European Obesity Day

Friday, May 18 is European Obesity Day. A day to raise the awareness of healthcare players, caregivers and patients of this issue which affects more than 650 million people worldwide.

Immunization Week 2018

The thirteenth annual World Immunization Week will take place from April 23 to 29, 2018. The campaign, created by the World Health Organization (WHO), undertakes to raise awareness about the stakes of vaccine protection.

Rare Disease Day 2018: Show Your Rare. Show You Care.

February 28, 2018, marks the eleventh annual world Rare Disease Day, which carries the slogan “Show your rare. Show you care.” and the #ShowYourRare hashtag. World Rare Disease Day was created in 2008 by EURORDIS and the Council of National Alliances. Ninety countries will be participating in 2018. Orphanet: a Portal for Rare Diseases and […]

Tuesday May 23: European Obesity Day

Obesity is an excess of body fat that leads to health problems – principally type 2 diabetes and hypertension, and reduces life expectancy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines obesity as ”abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health”.

According to WHO, 13% of adults worldwide were obese in 2014, a figure that had doubled since 1980.

10th European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Initiated by ECCA (European Cervical Cancer Association), this campaign, which will run from 24 to 30 January next, is aimed at raising awareness among the general public and health professionals about cervical cancer prevention and screening.

Seasonal influenza: launch of the 5th season of

Spread of influenza remains low in metropolitan France according to the weekly bulletin of 25/11/15 from the Sentinelles network, an information system based on a network of 1,300 general practitioners, with the incidence of influenza-illness estimated at 24 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, i.e. below the epidemic threshold (149 cases per 100,000 inhabitants).

Friday 5 June: World Environment Day

On 15 June 1972, the United Nations celebrated World Environment Day for the first time. Since that day, every year on the same date, the major issues in environmental conservation are given prominence in over 100 countries, a day devoted to the protection of the planet and the future of mankind, which is inseparable from the fate of the ecosystem.

Solar eclipse on 20 March: dangers for the retina

On Friday 20 March 2015, a partial eclipse of the sun will be visible in France between 9:00 and 12:00 am, depending on the place of observation. Why is looking directly at the sun dangerous and a cause of irreversible damage to the retina? Inserm researchers who are specialists at the Vision Institute (Inserm/CNRS/UPMC) can answer your questions.

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