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Inserm Launches a Platform Evaluating COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates for the Conduct of Large-Scale Quality Trials

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Inserm, with the support of the REACTing network, Public Health France, the country’s university hospitals, and the French College of Teachers in General Practice, is launching COVIREIVAC. This platform for the clinical evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine candidates will make it possible to test them rigorously and obtain robust data on their safety and ability to induce an immune response (immunogenicity).

Discovery: Stopping inclusions in two treatment groups

Les deux bras testant la combinaison lopinavir/ritonavir avec ou sans interféron bêta sont arrêtés dans les essais cliniques Solidarity et Discovery. Compte tenu de la nature adaptative des deux essais, une réflexion est en cours sur l’évolution du protocole. Des publications dans des journaux internationaux à comité de lecture sont en préparation concernant tant l’évaluation de l’hydroxychloroquine que du lopinavir/ritonavir.

COVID-19 and the Environment: A European Program Coordinated by Inserm gives its recommendations

Launched in 2019, the primary objective of the Health Environment Research Agenda for Europe (HERA) is to provide the European Commission with an environment, climate, and health research agenda for 2020-2030.

L’hydroxychloroquine pourra être réintroduite dans Discovery après le feu vert des autorités compétentes

L’hydroxychloroquine pourra être réintroduite dans Discovery après le feu vert des autorités compétentes

Inclusions in the hydroxychloroquine group of the Discovery trial are suspended.

Les inclusions dans le groupe hydroxychloroquine de l’essai Discovery sont suspendues depuis dimanche 24 mai.

Milestone: Inserm’s commitment to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic


First identified in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019, the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has rapidly spread across the world, leading to the most serious pandemic in recent history.

Point d’étape sur l’essai Discovery promu par l’Inserm

L’essai Discovery évalue l’efficacité de différents traitements antiviraux visant à limiter la multiplication du virus observée chez certains patients hospitalisés dont l’état s’aggrave souvent autour du septième jour de maladie.

The StopCovid project-team and the ecosystem of contributors are working together to develop a mobile contact tracing app for France

Inria, ANSSI, Capgemini, Dassault Systèmes, Inserm, Lunabee Studio, Orange, Santé Publique France and Withings create the StopCovid project team in order to structure and strengthen their contribution to the government project to set up a mobile contact tracing application (StopCovid). The purpose of this project is to provide the French health authorities with a complementary digital tool to help manage the sanitary emergency against Covid-19.

Inserm and the African Countries: Partners in Fighting COVID-19

Image de microscopie du Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 responsables de la maladie COVID-19 accrochés aux cellules épithéliales respiratoires humaines

Furthering scientific knowledge knows no frontiers. Therefore, Inserm would like to reaffirm that the countries of Africa are – more than ever – key scientific partners

Health and environmental crises: a CNRS- Inserm joint initiative

The CNRS and Inserm, in association with the CPU, INED, INRAE and IRD, under the umbrella of ATHENA and AVIESAN1, are joining forces to raise key scientific questions on health and environmental crises and combine the initiatives of the humanities, social sciences and public health research communities arising from the current COVID-19 crisis.

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