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29 October 2013 : World Stroke Day

25 Oct 2013 | By INSERM (Newsroom) | International day

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A stroke or cerebrovascular accident occurs when blood stops flowing in the brain, caused by a burst blood vessel or clotting. When brain tissue has no oxygen, it quickly deteriorates and can lead to irreversible damage and even sudden death.

In France, strokes are the first cause of acquired disability in adults and the third cause of death.

World Stroke Day, co-organised by the French Neurovascular Society, highlights the importance of recognising the signs preceding a stroke, i.e. mental confusion, slurred speech, difficulty understanding, dizziness, etc.

It is crucial to get medical help immediately, so recognising the symptoms is essential. Another aim of this Day is to raise awareness in the elderly, who are the most likely to have a stroke.

Latest progress in strokes :

Treatment with HDL cholesterol to aid thrombolysis– January 2013

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