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August, 13th : World Left-handers Day

12 Aug 2013 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | France

credit : © Fotolia

A left-hander has sensory and motor organs that are more developed on the left side, yet it is the right hemisphere of his/her brain that is dominant, the reverse of right-handed people. Physiological, hereditary and environmental factors explain the predominance of the left side in individuals.

According to the World Left-handers Days site, left-handers represents about 12% of the population throughout the world.

Did you know?

World Left-handers Day was introduced in 1976 and the website is responsible for organising left-handers in France.

Please consult the latest progress of our teams on this subject (February, 2012) : When your left hand mimics what your right hand does: it’s in the genes

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