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Bone marrow cancer remission thanks to measles virus

16 May 2014 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | International

Photo ©Inserm/Fournier, Jean-Guy

Article published in the “Mayo Clinic Proceedings” journal describing complete remission of a 49-year old patient (after more than 6 months) suffering from bone marrow cancer following an injection of a strong dosage of the modified measles virus. The Mayo Clinic researchers have been using this to vaccinate 10 million people.

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Inserm researchers are able to comment this study at the Inserm unit 892 “Centre régional de recherche en cancérologie -nantes-angers”:

Marc Grégoire, Inserm research director
Head of team “Innovative therapeutic strategies inducing immune responses: application to the treatments of mesothelioma”
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Jean-François Fonteneau
Inserm researcher
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Mathieu Mateo
Post-PhD student at the Mayo Clinic

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Marc Grégoire, directeur de recherche à l’Inserm
Responsable de l’équipe “stratégies thérapeutiques innovantes induisant des réponses immunitaires : application aux traitements du mésotheliome”
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Jean-François Fonteneau
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