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Development of a therapeutic vaccine against HIV: an alternative to tri-therapy?

03 Jan 2013 | By INSERM (Newsroom) |

Tri-therapy greatly improves survival and the quality of life of patents infected by HIV. However, this treatment must be continued indefinitely in order to prevent the progression of the disease. Researchers the world over are trying to find solutions to develop a vaccine capable of fighting the virus responsible for AIDS. In the meantime, in an article published in the review Science Translational medicine, Spanish researchers working with a French group (Brigitte Autran, Inserm unit 945) have reported the success of a therapeutic vaccine that temporarily reduces the viral load (at the moment, the effect lasts one year) in infected patients. This may prove to be an alternative to tri-therapy. The vaccine helps to strengthen the immune defences fighting HIV in infected patients. We take their blood cells, introduce inactivated viral particles, then re-inject the patients with their own blood cells (dendritic cells). Brigitte Autran, a researcher from Inserm, contributed to this progress.

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Brigitte Autran
Unité Inserm 945 “Immunité et infection”
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