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Man & robot : The Interspeech 2013 – August,28th – Lyon

23 Aug 2013 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | Event | France

At the IUT GMP of Lyon 1 University, researchers for the first time were able to teach an industrial robot how to perform new tasks, by explaining the task in spoken language.  Combining forces from cognitive neuroscience and industrial robotics, Peter Ford Dominey (INSERM/CNRS) and Sébastien Henry (Univ Lyon 1) made the link between language and robot commands.  This may be the first step towards allowing smart robots to interact with non-experts in the factory.  And this may be a step in boosting the competitivity of French PMEs.  

M. Dominey and his colleagues will talk about interaction between men and robots during a pau sujet de l’interaction the Interspeech conference in Lyon, Wednesday 28  august   (special session « Show and Tell », Wednesday 28 August, 2-4 pm).

On-Line Learning of Lexial Items and Grammatical Constructions via Speech, Gaze and Action-Based Human-Robot Interaction
Gregoire Pointeau, Maxime Petit, Xavier Hinaut, Guillaume Gibert, Peter Ford Dominey, Interspeech 2013, Lyon.

See the process that give robots the ability to execute several tasks, thanks to the human voice :

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