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Pollution threatens the health of 2 million people

05 Nov 2013 | By INSERM (Newsroom) | International

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This Tuesday, environmentalists denounced the various forms of pollution caused by human activity which today threatens the health of millions of people. A list of the ten most polluted places in the world was published.

According to the AFP and experts on the question, based on studies carried out in 49 countries, the 10 sites are in 8 countries, 3 of them in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Kalimatan Province in Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc.)

For further information, please contact Antoine Magnan, head of the team Immunopathology and Respiratory Diseases and Clinical Director of Pneumology in the Nantes University Hospital and Michel Aubier, co-director of the Inserm unit Physiopathology and Epidemiology of Respiratory Failure.

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Antoine Magnan
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Chef de service Pneumologie au CHU Nantes
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Michel Aubier
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