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Putting the clocks forward : what are the impacts on health?

28 Mar 2014 | By INSERM (Newsroom) | International

During this last weekend in March, we will be switching to summer time. On the night between Saturday and Sunday, we must put our watches and clocks forward by one hour. What do we currently know about the impact of changing the time on our health? Does it upset our biological clock?

Find out more by contacting Claude Gronfier, Research Fellow at Inserm Unit 846, “Stem-cell and Brain Research Institute,” “Neurobiology of Circadian Rhythms and Sleep” team.

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Researcher Contact

Claude Gronfier
Chargé de recherche Unité Inserm 846 “Institut cellule souche et cerveau”
Equipe de “Neurobiologie des rythmes circadiens et du sommeil”
04 72 91 34 89