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Same-gender parenting and child development

29 Jan 2013 | By INSERM (Newsroom) | France | International


The systematic literature review was published in 2011: Same-gender parenting and child development: current known facts, co-signed by Guillaume Fond, mentions several therapeutic approaches to the question of same-gender parenting and its effect on children. Is being born into or growing up in a same-gender parent family a disadvantage?

Is the risk of psychopathology or psychological problems higher in this atypical context? (…)

Find the answers to these questions in Homoparentalité et développement de l’enfant (Same-gender parenting and child development: current knowledge), in the attachment to this article.

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Guillaume FOND
Chercheur au sein de l’unité Inserm U1061
Chef de clinique dans un service de psychiatrie adulte au CHU de Montpellier
01 78 68 23 72

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