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(French) Recherche sur les cancers : tout s’accélère

(French) À l’occasion de la journée mondiale contre le cancer, l’Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer (ARC) l’Inserm et l’Institut national de cancer (INCa) présentent un web documentaire intitulé “Recherche sur les cancers : tout s’accélère”.

Biological time-keeper linked to diabetes

Sleeping disorders have been known for some years to increase the risk of diabetes. a new Internet-based influenza monitoring system (

On January 25, 2012, a new influenza monitoring system known as was launched jointly by the Sentinelles network team

Identification of a recurrent chromosomal anomaly in neural cells derived from pluripotent stem cells (ES and iPS)

At a time when the first regenerative medicine clinical trials are being performed using pluripotent stem cells, teams from the I-Stem Institute, directed by Marc Peschanski

Obesity: Does our second brain work too well?

Scientists from Inserm have just demonstrated how a high fat and sugar diet prevents the natural destruction of neurons from the enteric nervous system in mice.

3 is the magic number: A chain reaction required to prevent tumor formation

The expression of p53 and Mdm2 is closely related. In an article published this week in the Cancel Cell review, Robin Fahraeus and his collaborators from Inserm Unit 940 (“Therapeutic Targets for Cancer”), demonstrate that cellular response to DNA damage requires involvement from the protein kinase ATM so that Mdm2 can positively or negatively control protein p53. […]

A new way to stimulate the immune system and fight infection

A study carried out by Eric Vivier and Sophie Ugolini at the Marseille-Luminy Centre for Immunology (Inserm/CNRS/Université Aix Marseille) has just reveal a gene in mice which, when mutated, can stimulate the immune system to help fight against tumours and viral infections. Whilst this gene was known to activate one of the body’s first lines […]

“Senior” runners never stop pushing their limits in marathons

Romauld Lepers and Thomas Cattagni, researchers from Inserm Unit 1093 “Cognition, Action and Sensorimotor Plasticity” at the Université de Bourgogone, have analysed changes in participation and performance of runners aged 20 to 80 in the New York marathon over the last 30 years. The results are largely unexpected: the best male marathon runners over 65 […]

Vitamin D receptor: first full 3D observation

For the first time, a team from the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC, Université de Strasbourg/CNRS/Inserm) has succeeded in taking a full, 3D photograph in HD (1) of a small vital,

The onset of cognitive decline begins at 45

Abundant evidence has clearly established an inverse association between age and cognitive performance, but the age at which cognitive decline begins is much debated.

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