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New molecules discovered to tackle cancer resistance

French-Italian team headed by researchers from CNRS and Inserm (1) has recently discovered a new family of compounds that could make it possible to treat numerous cancers, particularly brain tumours and skin cancers.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) defined by an inversion of brain activity induced by stress hormones

We remember, right down to the tiniest detail, a car accident that happened over two years ago, when we feared for our lives; and yet, who among us can still remember a very good meal enjoyed just last year, even if it was really very, very good?

Is there a general motivation centre in the depths of the brain?

A research team has identified the part of the brain driving motivation during actions that combine physical and mental effort

When your left hand mimics what your right hand does: it’s in the genes

Research scientists from Inserm, CNRS, UPMC and AP-HP working for the Centre de Recherche de l’Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle (CRICM) of la Pitié-Salpêtrière, have just discovered mutations

Vitamin B and omega-3 supplementation and cancer: new data

Researchers from the Nutritional Epidemiology Joint Research Unit (Inserm-Inra-Cnam-Université Paris 13) have just published a study showing that, in men with a previous history of cardiovascular pathologies,

Childhood cancer – Factors of genetic susceptibility in Ewing sarcoma discovered

Ewing sarcoma is a rare paediatric bone cancer. However, this condition occurs more frequently in populations of European ancestry.

How can head injury prevention be improved for cyclists?

Researchers have endeavoured to ascertain the factors preventing helmet use and the approaches that could be used to promote it.

(French) Dengue : un anticorps prometteur caractérisé

(French) Des équipes de chercheurs de l’Institut Pasteur, du CNRS et de l’Inserm viennent de déterminer, pour la première fois, la structure et le mode d’action d’un anticorps capable de neutraliser simultanément les quatre formes du virus de la dengue, chez la souris.

(French) De nouveaux résultats soulignent l’importance des gènes synaptiques dans l’autisme

(French) L’autisme, nommé grande cause nationale, sera un sujet d’actualité en France pendant toute l’année 2012. Paradoxalement ce syndrome, et surtout ses origines, restent mal connus.

16th national suicide prevention days

For the 16th National Suicide Prevention Days, if you want to find out more about suicide-related mortality in France, Inserm’s researchers can answer your questions. [break]Photo:

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