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Regulatory T cells, ensuring a good immune memory

In this new research, published in the Science review, the team of researchers directed by Sebastian Amigorena (Institut Curie / Inserm U932 Immunity and Cancer unit) demonstrates that the regulatory T cells are also important during immune responses to external antigens, i.e. during infection.

October 25th 2012

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Psychotropic drugs: consumption and drug dependency

France’s Interministerial Mission to Combat Drugs and Drug Addiction (MILDT) asked Inserm to produce a collective expert opinion on the consumption of psychotropic medication and the misuse and drug dependency associated therewith so that a scientific light can be thrown on these phenomena, with the addition of useful recommendations for improving the regulations and current prevention and care arrangements in France.

October 24th 2012

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October 23rd 2012

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Out-of-hospital births and the supply of maternity units in France

En 2005-2006, 4,3 naissances sur 1000 ont eu lieu en dehors de l’hôpital. Les taux étaient multiplié par deux pour les femmes vivant à 30 km ou plus de la maternité la plus proche. Ce taux était encore plus fort pour les femmes dont ce n’était pas le premier enfant.

October 22th 2012

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Self-medication : a common practice

More and more French people are using self-medication to treat minor health problems (coughs, headaches, etc.). It has become common practice, but has aroused controversy among healthcare professionals, some of whom are concerned about the misuse of medication. Sylvie Fainzang, an anthropologist, Inserm Research Director and member of Cermes 3 (Centre for Research,  Medicine, Science, […]

TIM and TAM: 2 paths used by the Dengue virus to penetrate cells

A study carried out by Ali Amara’s team at the combined Inserm/CNRS- Université Paris Diderot “Molecular pathology and virology” unit in the Saint-Louis hospital in Paris, working jointly with the team from the Pasteur Institute in Paris and the team from the Salk Institute in San Diego, has identified two families of receptors that play an important part in the penetration of the Dengue virus into cells.

October 19th 2012

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