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Food quality and recurrent episodes of depression

Depression is a common multifactorial condition in which the appearance of symptoms is often linked to patients’ lifestyle. Of these factors, nutrition appears to play a significant role. Studies performed in a collaborative project between INSERM researchers in Montpellier and at University College London suggest than an improvement in the quality of nutrition is associated with a reduction in the recurrence of episodes of depression, particularly in women.

January 31th 2013

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Une première étape franchie pour restaurer la vision de patients atteints de cécité suite à une maladie rare

jolie photo de cellules (oeil)

L’équipe dirigée par Daniel Aberdam au sein de l’Unité Inserm 976 «Immunologie, dermatologie, oncologie » a réussi à restaurer in vitro la fonction des cellules de cornée saines à partir de cellules de patients aveugles souffrant de dysplasie ectodermique. Ces résultats publiés dans PNAS représentent la première étape pour tenter de restaurer la vision de ces patients.

Where does the energy come from that is needed as a carrier in neuron extensions?

The movement of molecules in the neuron extensions known as axons is a process that is vital for the survival of cells and the smooth operation of the nervous system. It is performed by vesicles that travel fast thanks to the energy-hungry molecular engines. At the “Signalling, neurobiology and cancer” Laboratory (Institut Curie/CNRS/Inserm) at the Institut Curie, the team headed by Frédéric Saudou , INSERM Director of Research, has shown that the vesicles have their own energy production system needed for travelling and do not depend on the mitochondria that are the main source of cell energy.

January 30th 2013

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First results of survey into relations between Inserm researchers and patient associations

In conjunction with the Senate Commission for Social Affairs, Inserm has organised the 6th meeting between national research representatives and patient associations, to be held on Thursday, 31 January 2013. More than twenty researchers and association representatives will provide first-hand accounts and develop dialogue with the senators in front of more than 250 participants. During this event, the results of a large survey conducted on some 600 researchers from Inserm laboratories will be published to shed light on relations with patient associations.

January 29th 2013

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La Fondation Bettencourt Schueller apporte un soutien de 1 675 000 € à la recherche biomédicale française

Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, Présidente de la Fondation Bettencourt Schueller, remettra, mardi 29 janvier à l’Institut de France, en présence d’éminents représentants de la communauté scientifique française, les Prix de la 13ème édition des Coups d’Elan pour la Recherche Française.

Same-gender parenting and child development

The systematic literature review was published in 2011: Same-gender parenting and child development: current known facts, co-signed by Guillaume Fond, mentions several therapeutic approaches to the question of same-gender parenting and its effect on children. Is being born into or growing up in a same-gender parent family a disadvantage?

January 28th 2013

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