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Friday 29 january 2016

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Thursday 28 january 2016

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Erectile dysfunction following treatment for prostate cancer: promising results from the first transplants of stem cells into the penis

12 patients suffering from severe erectile dysfunction following prostate cancer received a transplant of stem cells into the penis. After six months, significant improvements in the quality of sexual intercourse, erection, penile rigidity and quality of orgasm were reported by the patients, according to a study by Inserm. This clinical trial was conducted under the direction of Professor René Yiou at the Department of Urology, Henri Mondor University Hospital, Paris Public Hospitals (AP-HP), Créteil.

These results are published in the journal European Urology.

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Wednesday 27 january 2016

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The launch of a European Alliance dedicated to accelerating new concepts in HIV Vaccine research

The European Commission has granted over 22 million Euros to the European HIV Vaccine Alliance (EHVA) to develop a multidisciplinary platform to evaluate novel preventive and therapeutic vaccines.

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Tuesday 26 january 2016

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Treating depressive symptoms from their roots

A wide range of compounds is on the market to ameliorate depressive symptoms, however their efficiency is achieved only after long periods of treatment and not in 100% of patients.

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Monday 25 january 2016

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A radiosensitivity test for predicting sequelae following radiotherapy

Researchers at Inserm Unit 1194, “Montpellier Cancer Research Institute” (Inserm/University of Montpellier/Montpellier Regional Cancer Institute) have confirmed the value of a new test to identify cancer patients who will be free of sequelae following radiotherapy. This test, conducted on a blood sample taken from 500 breast cancer patients, treated in 10 centres in France, and monitored for 3 years, showed that women with a high rate of radiation-induced lymphocyte apoptosis (RILA) had a very low rate of late breast fibrosis. These results, which are published in EBioMedicine, suggest that personalisation of curative intent radiotherapy could be considered, with tailoring of the radiation dose delivered to the patient and the radiotherapy technique employed.

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10th European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Initiated by ECCA (European Cervical Cancer Association), this campaign, which will run from 24 to 30 January next, is aimed at raising awareness among the general public and health professionals about cervical cancer prevention and screening.

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