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Monday 6th March 2017

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Inserm in the world Top 10 most innovative public bodies, up one place compared to last year.

L’Inserm se classe 9e dans le « Top 25 Global Innovators – Government » Reuters/Clarivate, qui évalue la capacité d’innovation des organisations publiques en fonction de l’impact de leur production scientifique et de leurs brevets.

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Friday 3rd March 2017

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Thursday 2nd March 2017

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Breast cancer: identification of a molecular switch that controls cancer stem cells

Some cancer cells are resistant to treatment and persist. If they are capable of proliferating again, even a very small number of these cells may be enough to reconstitute a tumour after or despite treatment. Various approaches to eliminate these “cancer stem cells” (CSCs) have been tried in recent years: targeted therapies, vaccination and tumour starvation. In an article published in the journal Cell Reports, Christophe Ginestier, Inserm Research Fellow at the Cancer Research Center of Marseille (CRCM, Aix-Marseille University/CNRS/Institut Paoli-Calmettes), and his collaborators identify a specific RNA[1] molecule that plays the role of a molecular switch that can “turn off” or “turn on” CSC proliferation in breast cancers.

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Wednesday 1st March 2017

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1 March 2017: A plan for action on violence against children

Wednesday 1 March 2017 will see the unveiling of the interministerial plan for “mobilisation and action on violence against children” by Laurence Rossignol, Minister for Families, Children and Women’s Rights.

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Sickle cell disease : remission of disease symptoms in the world’s first patient treated using gene therapy

A team led by Prof. Marina Cavazzana, working at Necker Hospital for Sick Children, AP-HP, and the Imagine Institute (AP-HP/Inserm/Paris Descartes University) performed gene therapy on a 13-year-old patient with severe sickle cell anaemia in October 2014 as part of a phase I/II clinical trial. Conducted in collaboration with Prof. Philippe Leboulch (CEA/Faculties of Medicine at Paris-Sud and Harvard Universities), who developed the vector used, and supervised the preclinical studies, this innovative treatment provided complete remission from the clinical signs of the disease, and the correction of biological signs. Results (15-month follow up after transplantation) are published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 2 March 2017, and confirm the efficacy of this new therapy of the future.

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