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Monday 3rd July 2017

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. Des médecins du Centre de vaccination Emory (Atlanta) ont testé avec succès un patch de vaccination contre la grippe, rapporte Le Figaro. « Développé à l’Institut de technologie Georgia à Atlanta (Etats-Unis), le dispositif est composé d’une bande adhésive, abritant un patch doté de 100 micro-aiguilles de 650 […]

A major advance towards a treatment for accelerated ageing

In a study published today in the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine1, the team led by Prof. Nicolas Lévy identifies the mechanism associated with the accumulation of progerin, a toxic protein produced in the course of ageing, and demonstrates the therapeutic potential of a new drug – MG132 – to treat progeria, a rare syndrome involving premature and accelerated ageing. Nicolas Lévy and his team have demonstrated the ability of this drug to considerably reduce progerin production and simultaneously degrade it. This drug, along with other compounds from the same family, is undergoing evaluation for the treatment of other rare diseases, as well as more common diseases including certain types of cancer.

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