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European Patent Office rankings for 2014: Inserm 6th in France for patent applications, 1st in Europe for patent applications in biomedical research

26 Feb 2015 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | Institutional and special event

Inserm, with the help of its subsidiary Inserm Transfert, continues to rise in the 2014 rankings of French patent applicants issued by the European Patent Office (EPO). Inserm is placed 6th in France (among applicants in all organisations and sectors combined), 4th in Europe for the “Biotechnology” sector and 5th in Europe for the “Pharmaceuticals” sector[1].

Again, according to the 2014 rankings of the European Patent Office, 227 patent applications were filed in Inserm’s name, strengthening its position compared with previous years as the leading academic organisation for biomedical research in Europe. On the French scale, Inserm has moved up five places compared with the EPO 2012 rankings (11th place in 2012, 6th this year).

“This ranking reflects a strategy of innovative research, the protection of which is one of the key elements favouring its transfer to industry for the benefit of patients and society,” claims Yves Lévy, CEO of Inserm.

At present, Inserm has a patent portfolio of 1,279 patent families (+102% since 2006). Inserm Transfert, which is in charge of Inserm’s intellectual property strategy, and of the management and commercialisation of the portfolio, wrote and submitted over 50% of patent applications in 2014, and licensed 26.5% of the portfolio to industrial partners in France and around the world (large health industry groups, intermediate, small and medium enterprises and start-up companies).

“Inserm’s highly diversified portfolio, which covers the major disease categories, with applications in diagnostics and therapeutic development, constitutes a pool of opportunities for industrial partners at the early stages of innovation. This substantially explains Inserm’s current position in the EPO rankings,” comments Pascale Augé, CEO of Inserm Transfert.

About Inserm –

Inserm, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, has been, since 1964, the only public body in France dedicated to biological and medical research and human health, with nearly 13,000 researchers, engineers and technicians, and some 300 research laboratories. The Institute is to be found throughout the pathway from research laboratory to the patient’s bedside, and carries out research in a variety of areas, making it possible to study all diseases, from the commonest to the most rare. Inserm is a founding member of Aviesan, the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health, created in 2009.
* Other founding members of Aviesan: CEA, CNRS, CHRU, CPU, INRA, INRIA, Institut Pasteur, IRD

About Inserm Transfert –

A private subsidiary of Inserm founded in 2000, Inserm Transfert SA manages all commercialisation and transfer of knowledge from Inserm laboratories to Industry, from invention disclosure to industrial partnership. Inserm Transfert also offers services related to setting up and managing European and international projects, and large-scale projects in epidemiology and public health. It manages a budget of €2 million for proof of concept. Finally, Inserm Transfert also supports entrepreneurs in the biotechnology sector, in partnership with Inserm Transfert Initiative, a venture capital company with a capital of €39.7 million to support the life sciences.

[1] Sources:; Press conference: click here; Annual report: click here 

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