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For diabetic patients confined during the Covid 19-epidemic, the AP-HP, in partnership with Inserm and University of Paris, launches CoviDIAB, a national application for information, prevention and support online

31 Mar 2020 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | Circulation, metabolism, nutrition | Public health

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The AP-HP, the Federation of Diabetological Hospital Services (Bichat Hospital, Professor Roussel, Cochin Hospital, Prof. Larger, Lariboisière Hospital, Professor Gautier) and the AP-HP Connected Health Responsibility Centre (Dr Boris Hansel Pr Patrick Nataf) offer this week to diabetic patients confined at home during this period of Covid-19 outbreak a national programme of information, prevention and support for their health.

“Diabetes is one of the situations at risk of severe COVID-19 infection,” recalls Professor Ronan Roussel, diabetologist at the Bichat Hospital. “According to preliminary Chinese studies, it multiplies by 2 to 4 the risk of death due to this infection and patients with diabetes are likely to question their personal risk.” To meet this expectation, the Federation of diabetology proposes, at national level, concrete assistance based on e-health.

“We have identified three immediate needs: informing in real time, answering practical questions and directing diabetic patients to appropriate care in case of symptoms” said Dr. Boris Hansel, co-director of the Connected Health Responsibility Centre at Bichat hospital.

A collaborative initiative of teams of the AP-HP, Inserm and University of Paris.

The application is based on the IRIADE platform. Diabetic patients can register themselves or through a doctor on the website

Therefore, the diabetic patient accesses a media library updated daily. Notifications are sent every time an information useful for diabetic patients is published. In addition, through questionnaires, personalized advice are provided. Finally, questions on health status are regularly asked to refer the patient to specific treatments according to updated recommendations (GP, EMS, ER) if necessary by promoting teleconsultation. The system provides for physicians who wish it the supervision of individual alerts allowing them to work directly with their patients.

LIVE video sessions are offered to Covidiab registrants with diabetologists, hygienists and infectiologists.

The application is intended for all diabetic patients residing in France (mainland and overseas).

“The project involves teams  INSERM U1148 (LVTS connected health director Didier Letourneur)  and U1138 (IMMEDIAB, Director: Nicolas Venteclef) , AP-HP Research Foundation  and University of Paris. 

This project has also received the support of the Youtube channel PuMS: 

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