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From 26 September to 02 October 2016: Heart Week

22 Sep 2016 - 14h41 | By INSERM PRESS OFFICE | Event

Vaisseaux lymphatiques du coeur chez le rat

Lymphatic vessels in the rat heart visible in red by immunofluorescence

© Inserm, Ebba Brakenhielm


Heart Week, dedicated to action against cardiovascular disease, will take place from Monday 26 September until Sunday 02 October 2016. As part of this operation, the French Cardiology Federation invites the public to participate in a discussion with researchers from five French cities (Blois, Nancy, Lyon, Rennes and Paris) regarding research progress in this field. Information sessions, screenings and conferences are also planned throughout France. The entire programme is available on the Federation’s site: http://fedecardio.org/semaine-du-coeur.

The leading cause of death worldwide, cardiovascular disease (which includes a range of disorders that affect the heart and blood vessels) was responsible for 17.5 million deaths in 2012, according to estimates from the World Health Organisation.


At Inserm, there is ongoing active research that is aimed at improving the prevention of these diseases and developing new treatments.

According to a study by Dr. Eloi Marijon, more than half of the patients who die suddenly present with early warning signs four weeks before cardiac arrest, which would leave ample time to intevene. According to him, these new data “should spur the medical community to develop a new sub-acute prevention strategy”,  i.e. to be able to identify subjects at risk of cardiac arrest in the short term.

Read the press release “Cardiac arrest – Don’t neglect the warning signs ! ”


Meanwhile, work carried out by Ebba Brakenhielm highlights the involvement of the cardiac lymphatic system in cardiovascular disease, which has received scant attention until now. Through biotherapy involving the injection of microparticles with growth factors, researchers succeeded in regenerating lymphatic vessels in a targeted manner. This treatment, administered to rats, improves cardiac lymphatic drainage and leads to decreased oedema and inflammation post-infarction.

Read the press release “An Invisible System to Rescue the Heart“.

Inserm press room From 26 September to 02 October 2016: Heart Week Link : https://presse.inserm.fr/en/from-26-september-to-02-october-2016-heart-week/25178/

Researcher Contact

Eloi Marijon Unité Inserm 970 « PARCC – Paris Centre de Recherche Cardiovasculaire » Tél. : + 33 (0) 1 53 98 79 94 eloi.marijon@inserm.fr Ebba Brakenhielm Unité Inserm 1096 « Nouvelles cibles pharmacologiques de la protection endothéliale et de l’insuffisance cardiaque » Tél. : +33 (0)2 35 14 86 05 ebba.brakenhielm@inserm.fr

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