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“Give Meaning to Your Work: Join Health Research! ” Inserm launches its recruitment campaign for 2021

15 Jun 2021 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | Institutional and special event

RH Campagne 2021 Inserm

For 2021, Inserm has chosen to honor its staff through a colorful and dynamic digital communication campaign. Credits: © Inserm; photos: © François Guénet


Lawyers, biologists, computer scientists, statisticians and administrators: join Inserm and give meaning to your work! The first public organization dedicated entirely to human health research is launching its national recruitment campaign to encourage registration for external civil service competitive examinations. An opportunity for Inserm to present several of its staff and their sometimes little-known roles. A total of 83 positions are available across France. Registration is now open and accessible online until July 15.

Give meaning to your work by joining Inserm! Registration for the 2021 external competitive examinations is open, offering candidates a range of opportunities with over 83 positions in a wide variety of professions. The profiles sought concern many fields: biological techniques, virology, value creation, financial and administrative management, human resources, information technology, communication… All the positions open to the Inserm competitive examinations allow entry into the French State civil service.

Joining Inserm’s teams means joining a structure grouping over 15,000 researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff, all united by a shared objective: to promote health by furthering knowledge on living organisms and diseases, to develop innovative treatments, and to conduct public health research.

Full information on the competitive examinations and their terms and conditions is available at:


A colorful and dynamic digital campaign that gives Inserm employees a voice

For 2021, Inserm has chosen to honor its staff through a colorful and dynamic digital communication campaign. Rolled out on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as on several online press websites, the “Give meaning to your work: join health research!” campaign presents the profiles of several Inserm staff members who have agreed to share their stories. In the form of interviews, the participants talk about their career paths, professions, and the meaning of what they do at Inserm.

One of these is Marie Metzger, a biostatistician who has been with Inserm for twelve years: “By helping researchers and doctors analyze and interpret data, biostatisticians help to improve the health of everyone,” she explains. Oguz Kulaksiz, meanwhile, has been with Inserm as external resources administrator since April 2019. “I enjoy being in the thick of project management and interacting with numerous networks. I am at the center of interactions between researchers and funding parties and work in total synergy with Inserm’s internal teams,” he emphasizes.

This quest for meaning and service to citizens, embodied in the slogan “Give meaning to your work,” resonates even more after a year and a half of a health crisis that has seen Inserm rise to the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. This campaign, orchestrated by Inserm’s Communication Department, is one of the main thrusts of its communication strategy aimed at improving the public’s perception of its missions and actions.


The interviews can be found at:

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