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Inserm, a partner in the 2nd National Day of Innovation in Health

24 Jan 2017 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | Institutional and special event

The artificial retina, connected prosthesis, surgical robot: discover the latest advances in health at the Journée Nationale de l’Innovation en Santé at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. Inserm will be attending this event, an initiative of the Ministry of Health.

Helping everyone discover the advances and innovations achieved in the area of health – this is the goal of the Journée Nationale de l’Innovation en Santé. Open to people of all ages and walks of life, it is an opportunity for discussion and debate between users, researchers, students, health professionals, associations and manufacturers. Jointly organised by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and by Universcience, this 2nd edition is hosted by Cité des Sciences. This year, 6 themed villages will be organised :

  • Métiers de la Santé (Health Professions)
  • Nutrition & Environnement (Nutrition and Environment)
  • Vieillesse & Autonomie (Old Age and Independence)
  • Santé Numérique (Digital Health)
  • L’Homme Réparé (The Repaired Human)
  • Traitements du Futur (Treatments of the Future)

For three days, Inserm is holding 8 mini-conferences at the Nutrition and Environment village, along with speed-dating sessions and opportunities to meet researchers around exhibitions.

Exhibition: La Science a du Goût (Science has Taste)

Nutrition & Environnement village, ground floor, Cité des Sciences

Accompanied by Hector, a taste receptor, discover how to eat well for a better life. A fun-filled, interactive exhibition about the joy of eating, balanced diet and health. A journey from the mouth to the brain, to learn about the biological processes at work when we eat… and to find out more about scientific advances in nutrition and health. To find out more about the exhibition.

Exhibition: Climat & Santé (Climate and Health)

Village Nutrition & Environnement, ground floor, Cité des Sciences

The educational exhibition Climat & Santé explains the mechanisms whereby climate change can affect health. How does warming affect our allergies? Why does it favour infectious diseases? To find out more about the exhibition.

Speed dating, “1 objet / 1 chercheur” (1 object / 1 researcher)

Every day in the different villages

A researcher sets out a mystery object or image. The audience has 2 minutes to discover its nature or function. Once the time is up, the researcher briefly explains the research s/he performs involving the featured object. The audience can then converse with the researcher(s) of their choice. During these exchanges, the scientists will show in a simple manner how science helps to deal with the challenges facing society today and tomorrow.

Check out these highlights from Inserm :

Saturday 28 January

Conference, Santé en Questions sur Big Data & Santé (‘Health in Questions’ on Big Data and Health)
2–3:30 pm, Auditorium

The quantity of information collected at every moment has exploded. But what types of health data are being produced? What do connected devices contribute to medicine and research? What revolutions are coming in our everyday life in regard to health? Come and find out at this Santé en Questions special conference on “Big Data.” To find out more about the conference.

Sunday 29 January

Performance of the Binôme play, “Souris Chaos” (Chaos Mouse)
11 am–12:30 pm, Louis Armand amphitheatre, Centre des Congrès, Level -1

Souris Chaos (Chaos Mouse) is a cruel, comical farce that makes fun of our eating binges and the excesses of the consumer society. It is the result of a meeting between Frédéric Sonntag (author and stage director) and Daniela Cota (a specialist in the physiopathology of dietary balance at Inserm). It is part of the “Binôme” series, which blends theatre with science. 

Conferences, Les Innovateurs en Santé (Innovators in Health)
2–3:30 pm, Louis Armand amphitheatre, Centre des Congrès, Level -1

Entrepreneurs who are also physicians, biologists, engineers, and sometimes physicists or chemists. Men and women who explore the living world and biotechnologies to find new treatments or new health solutions. The Innovateurs en Santé conference allows them to speak for 8 short, lively, accessible sessions. An opportunity to hear the hopes, reflections and preoccupations that lead them to innovate on behalf of patients. Also an opportunity to discover the creativity and originality of these innovators and their projects.

Science Machina Exhibition

Cité de la Santé, Level -1

Exploring the confines of the brain, producing inexhaustible energy, conquering pain… these subjects so dear to science-fiction are a reality today in research laboratories! For this 2nd Journée d’Innovation en Santé, Inserm and CEA are offering an exhibition based on the machines that make scientific advances possible.

Discover 11 machines, from the tiniest to the most gigantic, that push back the frontiers of knowledge. For each one, a different cartoonist has imagined an anecdote that tells about the machine, the people who use it or those who benefit from it. One way to examine the dialogue between human and mechanical, inventiveness and technology.

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