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Inserm launches Labo des Métiers (Career Lab): 3D immersion to discover careers in research

13 Oct 2014 | By INSERM (Newsroom) | Uncategorized

Inserm is launching the virtual Career Lab, in partnership with Sisso. This interactive tool, which is highly innovative and fun to use, is aimed at making young people aged 14-25 years aware of all the pieces that make up the great mosaic of scientific research.


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Accessible right now via, from computers, tablets and smart phones, this virtual space enables those young adults who are tempted by jobs in research, but discouraged by the long studies they presume are involved, to discover the range of careers offered by the sector.

What is daily life like for a researcher? What are the studies that lead to such a career? What is the role of an engineer in a scientific project or the role of an assistant manager in a laboratory? Such are the questions that we try to answer via the virtual Career Lab,” explains Claire Lissalde, Manager of the audiovisual unit at Inserm’s Department of Scientific Information and Communication.

Visitors to the website are immersed in the heart of a laboratory, and a voiceover helps them to meet professionals working in biomedical research. An opportunity to learn about their career paths and shed light on careers that are often little understood, or considered beyond reach.

Thus Marie, an assistant in biological techniques, and Stéphanie, a researcher and joint manager of an Inserm team, Boris, manager of a phenotyping platform, Joanna, a technician in animal experimentation, Pablo, a post-doctoral fellow, and even Lila, secretary/manager of a research unit, will share their passion about their jobs with you.

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