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Launching of UEFA EURO 2016 Football Championships

10 Jun 2016 | By INSERM (Newsroom) | Uncategorized

France will be hosting the UEFA EURO 2016 Football Championships from Friday 10 June to Sunday 10 July. During this competition, many parts of the players’ bodies will be severely tested.

Although the benefits of regular physical activity on physical and mental health have been demonstrated by many studies, what are the risks associated with excessive physical exercise? What methods would allow athletes to optimise their physical abilities? Do some activities promote addiction to sport? What are the neurobiological mechanisms involved in the motivation of athletes?


Inserm researchers study the interactions between physical activity and health all year round.

Research conducted by Samuel Vergès and his team from Inserm Unit 1042, “Hypoxia and Cardiovascular and Respiratory Pathophysiologies,” focuses on analysing the mechanisms that limit physical performance. The researchers also use altitude training or simulated altitude training at sea level, i.e. hypoxia, in athletes on the one hand and in people with chronic diseases on the other hand, as a therapeutic approach.

In Dijon, in Inserm Unit 1093, “Cognition, Motor Activity and Sensorimotor Plasticity,” Romuald Lepers studies the effects of mental fatigue and the effects of neuromuscular fatigue on athletic performance. He particularly focuses on the performances of senior athletes, in order to determine their limits.

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