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May 15 to 19: French skin cancer prevention and screening week

16 May 2017 | By INSERM (Newsroom) | Uncategorized

The French Federation of Dermatologists-Venereologists (SNDV) is proposing an information week on the precautions to take in the sun, along with free skin cancer screenings, to take place across the country. This initiative is also an opportunity to raise public awareness of the risk factors that can lead to skin cancer.

According to the French National Cancer Institute (INCa), the number of new skin cancer cases had more than tripled between the years of 1980 and 2012.

There are two main types of skin cancer: Basal and squamous cell carcinomas, which represent 90% of skin cancers, and melanomas, which are rarer but also more dangerous due to their strong potential to spread to other areas of the body.

It is estimated that 65 to 95% of melanomas are caused by exposure to the sun. In 20% of cases, they develop from an existing mole (nevus).

With 11,176 new cases of melanoma in metropolitan France in 2015, improvements in screening have led to a 0.8% reduction in annual melanoma mortality in women (INCa).

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