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Monday 9 February 2015: World Epilepsy Day

06 Feb 2015 - 16h01 | By INSERM PRESS OFFICE | World day

Epilepsy is the spontaneous occurrence of epileptic fits, resulting from abnormal and simultaneous discharge of thousands of neurons[1]. Individuals affected by epilepsy can suffer severe physical and psychological side-effects, particularly caused by the unpredictability of the fits (injuries, problems of attentiveness, etc.).

In 2012, about 50 million people around the world were affected by epilepsy.[2]

A large number of events have been organised for World Epilepsy Day, particularly by the Ligue Française contre l’Epilepsie and Epilepsie France, to raise awareness of the disease among the general public.

Work carried out throughout the year by the researchers at Inserm Unit 1127Brain and Spinal Cord Institute (ICM)‘ involves developing new treatments for epilepsy by preventing fits being triggered.

[1] Complete information pack available at the Inserm site

[2]  Source: World Health Organisation

Inserm press room Monday 9 February 2015: World Epilepsy Day Link : https://presse.inserm.fr/en/monday-9-february-2015-world-epilepsy-day/17784/

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