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Moving to summer time: how does it impact our health?

27 Mar 2017 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | Uncategorized

Heure d't la craie sur ardoise


During the last weekend in March we moved to summer time.

During the night of Saturday into Sunday, we put our clocks forward one hour.

Does this change in the hour, whose benefit lies mainly in energy savings, have an impact on our health? Does it disturb our biological clock and the quality of our sleep?

Claude Gronfier, a neurobiologist and researcher at Inserm (Unit 1208), has shown that the biological functions of the body are regulated by the circadian rhythm, a cycle of 24 hours which is endogenous (altered by the body).

Read the information pack “Chronobiology, the body’s 24 hour clock”

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Researcher Contact


Claude Gronfier

Directeur de recherche Inserm

Unité Inserm 1208 « Institut cellule souche et cerveau »

+33 (0)4 72 91 34 89