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When We Always Benefit From Focusing on Health: Inserm Unveils Its New Advertising Campaign

08 Jun 2023 | By INSERM (Newsroom) | Institutionnel et évènementiel

A still from the Inserm commercial. © Directed by: Ugo Mangin, production: Yohannes Cousy

One year after its large-scale poster campaign in France’s railway stations and Paris subway, Inserm uses its slogan On gagne tous les jours à s’intéresser à la santé [We always benefit from focusing on health] in a 30-second TV commercial broadcast from June 7 to July 30.

Directed by Ugo Mangin with the support of the Insign agency and commissioned by Inserm’s Communications Department, this commercial illustrates just how many of our daily actions are – without our knowing – the result of research conducted at the Institute.

Throughout the 30-second sequence, the viewer is immersed in the thoughts of a woman, who is out and about and comments on the everyday scenes she sees around her. This is how we find out that a saxophonist has preserved his breathing thanks to specific proteins, that the Nutri-Score enables a young woman to eat a healthy sandwich, and that a middle-aged man continues to skateboard thanks to his chondrocytes.

In keeping with the 2022 poster campaign, the commitment to integrating surprising and complex science into an everyday scene was maintained in order to engage viewers and encourage them to visit Inserm’s website to find out more.

“Inserm is a strong brand, a label of quality in terms of health science that French people trust. Nevertheless, we need to be even more visible and anchored in everyone’s daily lives in order to communicate on our research as close as possible to where the needs are and show the findings of that research. This campaign is the link between the biomedical science produced at Inserm and its concrete translation for the health of us all,” points out the Communications Department.

“The COVID-19 crisis has shown just how medical research is essential to our health. Through this commercial, we wanted to make the impact of our research visible to everyone. It is essential for the general public to realize that excellence in research is conducive to quality medicine. It is our role to find more promising and effective new treatments as our knowledge advances,” explains Prof. Didier Samuel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Inserm.

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