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Operation Cortex: an Escape Game by Inserm

15 Nov 2019 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | Institutional and special event

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Inserm’s first ever escape game, Operation Cortex, an immersive experience to raise awareness of health research, opens its doors to the general public on November 15. This new public interaction format fulfils the institute’s desire to promote scientific culture and enable visitors to discover its laboratories.

For more than fifty years, Inserm has worked daily to improve individual health through science. It participates in bringing knowledge and scientific culture to all citizens, with the use of innovative formats.

In Operation Cortex, players are transported to the year 2064, to a future in which Inserm scientists have succeeded in developing an artificial brain dedicated to the study of sensory perceptions, sleep, diseases, etc. A tool that offers exceptional prospects for the advancement of knowledge. But when they visit the laboratory behind this scientific feat, the players will find that things will not go entirely to plan… they will need to work their brains hard if they are to get out!

For Inserm Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Gilles Bloch: “It is important that the public visit our laboratories so they see for themselves the work being done on a daily basis in health research, so they can see the modern methods and cutting-edge technologies being developed. This escape game is our way of interacting with the public in a bold and immersive way. “

Operation Cortex lasts 45 minutes and is open to everyone from 10 years of age (children must be accompanied by adults). Following the game, participants have the opportunity to dialog with the Inserm researchers in charge of hosting them. In Paris, a number of daytime and evening sessions have already taken place in four laboratories this month. Outside Paris, sessions will be held in various regional cities starting from January 2020. Participation is free, but participants are required to sign up first. We will publish the various opening dates on our Facebook page and website as and when they become available.

View our teaser video and poster

In Paris, Operation Cortex will be hosted by:

Scientific and Organisational Committee: Thierry Galli, Inserm Research Director and Director of the Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris; Nicolas Ramoz, Inserm researcher and molecular neuropsychiatry specialist; Diana Zala, Inserm researcher and cellular neurobiology specialist; Armelle Rancillac, Inserm researcher and neurobiologist; Elisabeth Davenas, General Secretary, Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris; Patricia Oliviero, Communications Officer, Brain & Spine Institute; Thu Mai Nguyen, Scientific Project Manager, Biomedical Ultrasound ART; Cyrille Mahieux, General Secretary, Paris-Cardiovascular Research Center; Muriel Delacroix, Administrative Manager, Paris-Cardiovascular Research Center.

Operation Cortex design and production: Emeraude Escape

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