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The debate about the end of life has been rekindled

18 Dec 2012 - 15h14 | By INSERM PRESS OFFICE | Event


The report by Professor Didier Sicard that was submitted today to the President of the Republic has rekindled the debate about the end of life inFrance.

In this report by the “Think tank on the end of life in France“, Dr. Sicard concentrates specifically on “the overwhelming demand (between 80% and 90% according to opinion polls) of the majority of the population to legalize euthanasia”. Professor Sicard believes that this is “a fundamental need, expressed by the persons questioned, to avoid being exposed to inhumane health care during this period of extreme vulnerability that we go through at the end of our lives”.

A study lead by researchers from the InsermNationalMonitoringCentre for End-of-life Conditions and the EpidemiologyCentre on the Medical Causes of Death that was published in the weekly Epidemiology Bulletin, analyzes death certificates from 1993 to2008. In spite of the fact that many people wished to die at home, this study showed that, on the whole, the proportion of deaths in hospital has remained stable over the last 15 years. According to the researchers who drafted this study, dying at home has become a major concern for the population and a way of reducing the cost of keeping the person in hospital.

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