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World Championships in Athletics: D-7!

14 Aug 2015 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | Uncategorized

On Saturday 22 August 2015, the 15th World Championships in Athletics will be launched in Beijing. Until Sunday 30 August, athletes from all nations will compete, putting their muscles, as well as their heart, lungs, brain, etc. to the test.Sport

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How do muscles work? How do athletes attain such endurance? What is the brain’s role in physical ability? How do performance enhancing drugs act? What technique could help the athletes to improve their performance?

Inserm researchers work all year to find answers to these questions and in the area of physical exercise in general. For your interviews and reporting needs, see the “Physical Activity press-kit,” available as a download opposite, for a listing of the contact details of specialists in this discipline, together with the latest news from Inserm on the subject.