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Tuesday 3 May 2016: World Asthma Day

28 Apr 2016 - 17h46 | By INSERM PRESS OFFICE | International | World day

Asthma, a chronic inflammatory disease, usually results from the combination of a genetic predisposition and environmental factors such as allergens (moulds, house dust mites and pollen), tobacco smoke or air pollution. During an episode, the lining of the bronchi swells, causing their diameter to become narrower, and leading to breathing difficulties, accompanied by wheezing.

In France, over 4 million people are affected by this disease.

The first chronic disease to affect children, asthma remains underdiagnosed. This year, World Asthma Day, which will be held on Tuesday 3 May, is focused on the theme “So Your Child has Asthma? Some practical tips to help with everyday life!” in order to make the population as a whole aware of the measures needed to manage the disease.

Researchers from Inserm are available to answer your questions.

Asthme chez l'enfant

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