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Maternal mortality, infant mortality, what are the figures?

04 Feb 2013 | By Inserm (Newsroom) | France | International

Following a foetal death in utero last weekend, the Inserm Press Department has provided figures about maternal, infant and in utero mortality.

The 2010 nationwide perinatal survey , set up notably by Inserm and the DGS, gives a description of the state of health of the children, the health care given and the characteristics of the mothers in 2010 and shows how they have developed since 2003. This report is currently the only source available for estimating mortality (in utero deaths) on a nationwide scale.

According to the figures given in this study, the mortality rate in France is 10 deaths for 1,000 births and is apparently one of the highest in the European Union.
However, mortality and its development cannot be estimated with precision, because the size of the sample used in this study is not suited to events of that frequency.

For more details on this subject :

Béatrice Blondel can provide information about the “Nationwide perinatal survey”.
Marie-Hélène Bouvier-Colle can provide figures about maternal mortality. Eric Jougla, Director of the CépiDC (Epidemiological Centre for Mortality by Medical Causes) can provide a list of death occurring before the age of one year.

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Béatrice Blondel
U953 Recherche épidémiologique en santé périnatale et santé des femmes et des enfants
01 42 34 55 85

Marie Hélène Bouvier Colle
Directrice de recherche Inserm
01 42 34 55 72

Eric Jougla
Centre d’épidémiologie sur les causes médicales de décès
01 49 59 18 49

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