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Inserm in the news

Founded in 1964, the French National Institute of Health and Medical research (Inserm) is a public science and technology institute, jointly supervised by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and women’s Rights. Inserm is the only French public research institute to focus entirely on human health and positions itself on the pathway from research laboratory to the bed of the patient. The mission of its scientists is to study all diseases, from the most common to the rarest.

With a budget of 998 million euros in 2015, Inserm supports more than 300 laboratories across France. In total, the teams include nearly 15,000 researchers, engineers, technicians, post-doctoral students, etc.

See infographic showing Inserm in numbers


2015: A strong media presence for Inserm

Involvement in research on the Ebola virus disease epidemic, and many news items from Inserm laboratories, including stories on improved survival of premature infants, and assessment of the effectiveness of hypnosis, were key moments for Inserm and the media in 2015. This year Pier-Vincenzo Piazza was awarded the Inserm Grand Prix.

In the traditional media (print press, TV and radio), nearly 4,000 articles and audiovisual reports were devoted to Inserm. On media websites, Inserm recorded 6,275 media items, which generated nearly 82,000 shares on Twitter and Facebook social networks.

In 2015 there were more and more of you (238,000 users) following Inserm news via its press room, which in 2014 received an honourable mention at the Digital PR Awards in the best Online Newsroom category.

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Media partners

BFMBusiness/ BFMTV
Inserm is a media partner of the programme “Votre santé m’intéresse” (Your health is interesting to me) presented by Alain Ducardonnet and broadcast on BFMBusiness at weekends (rebroadcast on BFMTV). Each week, the journalist’s guests include a researcher from Inserm.

See the most recent programme on the programme’s website

Le Figaro
Several times a year, researchers from Inserm reply to questions from readers of the daily newspaper Le Figaro in the health supplement published on Mondays.
The Health page in the “C’est la Vie” (That’s Life) section in regularly gives a voice to the Institute’s researchers.

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