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BioPrint: Inserm Launches its Second Accelerator of Technological Research

12 Oct 2017 | By INSERM (Newsroom) | Institutional and special event

Machine à imprimer 3D laser NOVALASE, technologie LIFT (Light Induce Fast Transfer). ©Inserm/François Guénet. Prise de vue : septembre 2017

The creation of accelerators of technological research (ART) is a priority of Inserm’s strategic plan. On October 12, 2017, Inserm launches its second ART, this time devoted to 3D Bioprinting, in Bordeaux. It is the only tech unit to use the three principal 3D biological printing technologies: laser, ink jet and micro-extrusion. Within the ART, researchers and engineers work together to as quickly as possible transform the fruits of research into technological innovation.

A true pioneer, Inserm is one of the first research institutes to venture into 3D bioprinting. As of 2005, its researchers were printing cells and extracellular matrices using laser printer prototypes. Some years later, this technology sparked worldwide enthusiasm, with Inserm continuing on its trajectory. The BioPrint ART aims to apply its knowledge to various domains, such as tissue engineering, oncology or pharmacology, in order to succeed in creating tissues and complex organoids in the near future.

The BioPrint ART is located in the BioTis Joint Research Unit (Inserm/Université de Bordeaux). Within the next 2 years it will comprise a team of 10 people, assigned to units for cell production, printing, and bioprinted products evaluation.

The ultimate ambition of the BioPrint ART is to develop a structure for training and 3D printing biomanufacture, for use by Inserm’s various laboratories. This new organizational model represents technological progress at the service of fundamental research and the pharmaceutical industry.

For this launch day, a visit of the ART’s premises is proposed. Inserm Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Yves Levy, will be accompanied by Manuel Tunon de Lara, President of the Université de Bordeaux and Jean-Christophe Fricain, Director of the ART.

For more information on 3D bioprinting: [Laser Bioprinting in Bordeaux: An Innovative Approach (in French)]


You may remember that on October 16, 2016, Inserm launched its first ART, dedicated to Biomedical Ultrasound

“Canal Détox”

As part of this inauguration, Inserm is launching its new series “Canal Détox”, whose first episode is dedicated to 3D bioprinting. The aim of this series of short films is to decipher current affairs and verify the information that is circulating in the domain of life and health sciences. This new series, in the spirit of evidence-based medicine, will attempt, thanks to its researchers, to discuss a certain number of issues that regularly feature in the media/social media. It will use the most recent data, validated by scientific research that is convergent, robust and exists in sufficient quantities.

Episode 1: Des organes imprimés en 3D…vraiment ? [Organs printed in 3D… really? (in French)] Is waiting to be discovered on Inserm’s YouTube channel.

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