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Thusday 31 july, 2014

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Wednesday 30 july, 2014

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Tactile exploration decoded

souris blanches et noires

Precisely how do we distinguish the texture of objects by touch? This is what has just been decoded by a study led by Clément Léna, research director at Inserm and Daniela Popa, a researcher at Inserm in Mixed Research Unit 1024: Biology Institute, École Normale Supérieure (Inserm, ENS, CNRS) and published in the journal Nature Neuroscience. Interactions between several regions of the brain that have until now not been identified are responsible for adjusting movement and refining our sense of touch.

Dimly lit working environments : correcting your body clock is possible!

Researchers at Inserm, led by Claude Gronfier (Inserm Unit 846: Stem Cell and Brain Institute), have, for the first time, conducted a study under real conditions on the body clocks of members of the international polar research station Concordia. The researchers have shown that a particular kind of artificial light is capable of ensuring that their biological rhythms are correctly synchronised despite the absence of sunlight.

Antiphospholipid syndrome : discovery of a promising route to improving patient care

By combining fundamental research and monitoring a single cohort of kidney-transplant patients with antiphospholipid syndrome, the researchers have highlighted a beneficial effect of sirolimus, commonly used as an immunosuppressor in organ transplants, to prevent recurrence of vascular lesions on the transplanted kidney.

Tuesday 29 july, 2014

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The Ebola epidemic is spreading in West Africa

The Ebola epidemic is continuing to spread in West Africa. In March 2014, Guinea was reporting its first cases of the Ebola virus disease to the World Health Organization (WHO). The disease has since spread beyond Guinea’s borders to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Within the past several days, a first case has been reported in Lagos and subsequently another in Freetown. According to the WHO’s latest report of 20 July, 1,093 cases of Ebola have been recorded and 660 people have died of the virus. 28 deaths were reported between 18 and 20 July.

New resistance mechanisms to melanoma targeted therapies : contribution of the translation of RNAs into proteins

French investigators have discovered new resistance mechanisms to targeted therapies used for less than three years in the treatment of melanoma. This discovery enables us not only to better understand why these treatments become ineffective but also to reveal new avenues for the management of these aggressive tumours. These studies have been published in the review Nature and have the benefit of an early on-line publication.

Monday 28 july, 2014

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Friday 25 july, 2014

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