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December 21th 2012

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

2012 was rich in scientific discoveries and progress. You are helping to make them accessible to your readers, listeners and audiences.

On our part, we continued to send video news clips in which our researchers do their bit in making their discoveries known to all…. And now a glimpse behind the scenes to wish you a Happy New Year.

December 20th 2012

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Auto-immune disease: the viral route is confirmed

Why would our immune system turn against our own cells? This is the question that the combined Inserm/CNRS/ Pierre and Marie Curie University/Association Institut de Myologie have strived to answer in their “Therapies for diseases of striated muscle”, concentrating in particular on the auto-immune disease known as myasthenia gravis.

December 19th 2012

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The role of the innate immune cells in the development of Type 1 diabetes

Julien Diana and Yannick Simoni of the “Immune Mechanisms in Type 1 Diabetes” (Inserm/Université Paris Descartes), directed by Agnès Lehuen, have just published the results of their work on type 1 diabetes in the Nature Medicine journal. This is a disease characterised by the self-destruction of the p pancreatic cells that produce insulin.

The debate about the end of life has been rekindled

The report by Professor Didier Sicard that was submitted today to the President of the Republic has rekindled the debate about the end of life inFrance.

In this report by the “Think tank on the end of life in France”, Dr. Sicard concentrates specifically on “the overwhelming demand (between 80% and 90% according to opinion polls) of the majority of the population to legalize euthanasia”. Professor Sicard believes that this is “a fundamental need, expressed by the persons questioned, to avoid being exposed to inhumane health care during this period of extreme vulnerability that we go through at the end of our lives”.

December 18th 2012

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December 17th 2012

Sorry, this article is only available in French.

Le cerveau des parfumeurs se modifie en fonction de leur expérience

Les aires cérébrales associées à l’olfaction sont plus développées chez les parfumeurs professionnels que chez le « commun des mortels ». En outre, plus ces experts ont une longue carrière derrière eux, plus grande est la quantité de matière grise dans leurs aires olfactives. Ce nouvel exemple de l’étonnante plasticité cérébrale dont est doté l’être humain vient d’être révélé par des chercheurs du CNRS/Inserm

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