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Et si les fourmis pouvaient aider à diagnostiquer certains cancers ?

La détection des cancers est un enjeu majeur de santé publique. Des méthodes alternatives comme l’utilisation de l’odorat animal sont à l’étude pour dépasser ces contraintes. Une équipe de scientifiques a mis en évidence les performances d’une espèce de fourmis, Formica fusca, dans ce domaine.

A Potential New Strategy for Treating Tumors

Coupe transversale d'un mélanome

An international team led by Toby Lawrence, Inserm researcher, has developed a potential therapy to reduce tumor size, where previous drugs have failed. Its findings have been published in Journal of Experimental Medicine.

The pill might reduce the risk of thyroid cancer in women

The most innovative result of this study relates to the use of the contraceptive pill, which was also associated with a 30-40% reduction in the risk of thyroid cancer in these young women.

Post-menopause Treatment: Persistent Excess Risk of Breast Cancer

In a study published last April, the researchers succeeded in showing that women given MHT remain at higher risk of getting breast cancer several years after finishing their treatment compared with women who have never had MHT.

A major advance in colon cancer

Une avancée majeure dans le cancer du côlon :
un consortium français de cliniciens et biologistes propose une classification moléculaire des cancers du côlon en 6 sous-types

Genetic mutation and the prognosis for renal polycystosis

The team headed by Claude Férec, director of Inserm unit in Brest, published results in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrologyfrom a cohort of 700 patients suffering from Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)

A mother’s exposure to atmospheric pollution results in a risk of her baby having low birth weight

This study, of which the French section was assigned to Rémy Slama and Johanna Lepeule, researchers at the INSERM U823 Unit, the Centre de recherche Institut Albert Bonniot, was published on 6 February 2013 in the journal entitled Environmental Health Perspectives.

Regulatory T cells, ensuring a good immune memory

In this new research, published in the Science review, the team of researchers directed by Sebastian Amigorena (Institut Curie / Inserm U932 Immunity and Cancer unit) demonstrates that the regulatory T cells are also important during immune responses to external antigens, i.e. during infection.

Excess body weight: a risk factor for a second cancer

Excess body weight (overweight and obesity) currently concerns nearly one in two French adults. It is associated with an increased risk of several primary cancers, including postmenopausal breast cancer.

Infertility treatments and retinoblastoma: a low risk

Retinoblastoma is the most common eye tumor in children, with an occurrence rate of one for every 15 to 20,000 births.

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